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Truck engine for 3D printing designed


RENAULT TRUCKS designs truck engine for 3D printing

additive construction truck engine On the left the 841-component "DTI 5" Euro 6 engine. On the right the engine optimized for additive manufacturing, which is lighter and consists of fewer parts.

The design department of Renault Trucks relies on Additive Manufacturing for future engine production. In Lyon, a four-cylinder DTI 5 prototype engine has already been specially designed for 3D printing.  


At the same time, additively manufactured components (crankshafts and crankshaft transducers) were successfully tested in a Euro 6 engine on the test bench for 600 hours. »The aim of this project is to demonstrate the positive effects of additive metal fabrication on the size and weight of the engine. This process has allowed us to reduce the weight of a four-cylinder engine by 25 percent, "says Damien Lemasson, project manager at Renault Trucks. The tests carried out would therefore prove the durability of an additively manufactured engine. In addition, the number of components in a »DTI 5« engine was reduced by 25 percent, or 841, by around 200. According to Renault, the reduction in engine weight achieved in 3D printing enables a higher payload and lower fuel consumption. For transport companies, this would, among other things, reduce the total operating costs of a fleet.  

Source: http://fon-mag.de/news/ausgabe-2017-01/renault-trucks-additiver-motor/